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  • Goran has trained for the last six months. I have reached my fitness goals! Great kick boxing training! Perfect experience. Many thanks to you

          Mr C.Tangaris, Date: 19/1/2010

  • I had 10 training sessions. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun doing pad work. We did different exercises every session and he gave me good advice on my diet. I would like to train with Goran again.
    Mr M. Daglas, Date: 10/3/2010


  • I did three months of hard kick boxing training with this trainer. He helped me achieve more than I expected. Perfect training and I achieved the best results. I would recommend to everyone!
    Mr J.Charbel Date: 29/4/2010


  • Amazing fitness training. Always different exercises every time we train! I like training with Goran!
    R.Coghlan, Date: 15/5/2010


  • I lost 5 kg in 8 weeks of boxing training with this trainer. Most of the time it was enjoyable as he is always coming up with new exercises and routines. Perfect experience with a great trainer!
    Mr Z.Savic, Date: 29/4/2010


  • If you like training hard then this is the trainer for you! I would love to train with him again!
    T.Zelcevski, Date: 15 /8/2010


  • Many thanks to Goran for increasing my fitness levels! It was great pleasure training with you Goran.
    Mrs: N.Popolesky, Date: 20/9/2010


  • Nothing but compliments for this trainer. Every time I step in the gym it is fun and I love going back. Great work Goran, keep it up! I really enjoy training here.
    Mr P.Bagllis, Date: 23/7/2010


  • Very encouraging and motivating kick boxing sessions. Great training routines and well-timed exercises. Very motivating sessions that make me want to achieve more. I would train with this trainer again.
    N.Critelli 25/7/2011


  • For four boxing sessions a week I received perfect training that was different and exciting. Great nutrition and recovery advice. 100% motivation. Keep going Goran!
  • Mr.J.McHugh, Date: 20 / 8 /2010


  • Perfect place to loose the extra kilos. The impossible became possible with this trainer. Keep up the good work mate J
    Miss: W.Backam Date: 30/6/2011


  • I love doing boxing fitness in this gym. It is fun, relaxing and comfortable. Each time we train we do different exercises, which make my training interesting. Gradually he makes my exercises harder and it is always a challenge. I always feel more motivated and energised after my training. I am really enjoying training with Goran. I reached my fitness goals and love seeing the changes and improvements to my body.
    Miss; E.Conti, Date: 6/12/2011


  • Very understanding and a sound level of concern. Always fun and relaxing. Always encourages and motivates me to keep going! You are a top trainer Goran!
    Miss: A.Grech, Date: 19/3/2012


  • 3 months I have been training with Goran. Never boring and I have achieved great results! Will recommend!
    Peter J. Date: 23/5/2013


  • Many Thanks to Goran. I have reached my fitness goals!
    Diana K. Date: 16/8/2013


  • I have only positive comments for this trainer. Thanks
    Date: 19/7/2014


  • Well-done top trainer for this trainer. Thanks
    Date: 10/2/2015


  • I walk in with no skills and come out with a lot of skills and new knowledge. My fitness improved a lot! Amazing training with a great trainer. Thanks Goran!
    David … Date: 13/2/2015


  • Since I started training with Goran I am much healthier and a lot stronger. I have lost a lot of weight and feel ten years younger. Thanks Goran!
    Simon … Date: 8/3/2015


  • Hard Training! A lot of sweat! Perfect diet plan! I lost a lot of weight! All in one place J nothing else to say but thank you. It was pleasure training with you!
    Linda M … Date: 14/4/2015


  • No comment! U needs to tray his training to understand the value, it was pleasure training with you Goran ,,, you are a great trainer…
    Tanya A   … Date: 18/8/2015



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