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Should Body Powers Gym cancel a course for any reason, students enrolled at the time of cancellation will be entitled to a full refund, and this will incur no administrative charges or penalties.

Withdrawal prior to course or module commencement –Fees: A non-refundable full payment of ($220) is required to secure your place in the course, if you cancel please review the refunds policy provided by Body Powers Gym administration staff. You are required to pay the full amount of the course upon completion of enrolment form, no later then 48h prior to the start of the course.

Administration fee: A $50 admin fee is included in the $220 cost of the course.

Withdrawal during course: Once enrolled and the course has started students will not be able to receive a refund. Please note there are no refunds and the full amount of the course will still be charged and all expenses incurred will be payable by the applicant.

Withdrawal due to illness or hardship – In the case of a student who withdrew from a course or program due to illness or extreme hardship, Body Powers Gym may at its discretion, allow a refund of the fees.

The following conditions apply: The person concerned must produce satisfactory evidence of the circumstances of his/her withdrawal, such as medical certificates. Withdrawal must take place prior to the expiration of the course. All requests for refund must be in writing. The refund policy only becomes effective when Body Powers Gym receives a letter requesting a refund.

The first course can be transferred instead of cancelled free of charge. If the candidate transfers courses more than once Body Powers Gym will charge $50.

Applicant’s Declaration I have read and understood the Body Powers Gym policy and the information I have provided in this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I declare that the information supplied on this form is correct and complete.


The student character sets out the rights and responsibilities of students in relation to training at Body Powers Gym. Body Powers Gym plays an important role in the fitness industry and is committed to the creation, transmission and application of knowledge and skills.

Body Powers Gym recognises the following rights of its students:

  • To experience high quality teaching
  • To ensure the learning experience provided will be challenging and stimulating
  • To expect that course content will be up to date
  • To be treated with respect and courtesy by staff and follow students, in a friendly environment free from discrimination and harassment
  • To know what is expected of them within each area of study
  • To know how and when their work will be assessed
  • To receive friendly and useful feedback on their performance and progress
  • To have a positive value and effectiveness of the academic programs and the teaching they experience
  • To have the freedom to express their views and suggestions regarding the program which our trainers will take on board to improve future sessions
  • To have access to supportive staff who are able to assist them in times of need
  • To have access to quality facilities and resources necessary for the achievement of the training goals
  • To expect our courses have satisfied the requirements of relevant fitness authorities and organisations
  • To be excluded from activities that may exceed the physical or medical capabilities of any particular student

Students are required to accept the following responsibilities:

  • To enforce and extend to all students the reciprocal rights outlined above
  • To participate fully in the range of experience which make up their course
  • To be self-motivated and self–directed learners
  • To prepare for the course and to be on time
  • To be professional, punctual and honest and carry out their duties
  • To submit their own work
  • To provide to the instructing staff any feedback which is honest and courteous
  • To respect and be courteous to staff, other students and public members
  • To respect Body Powers Gym property and the property of other students
  • To behave at all times in such a way that does not bring Body Powers Gym in to disrepute
  • To abide to all lawful instruction given by Body Powers Gym staff
  • To notify staff immediately of any medical or health conditions old or otherwise that will inhibit or restrict staff from carrying out the course
  • To advise the instructor prior the participating in activities of any injuries a student has had in the past or has sustained, so as an informative decision can be made by both parties as to the participation of said student
  • To take responsibility for the safety and welfare of all students, staff and public and to not engage in conduct that may impede on the safety all students, staff and public

Condition of participation in Body Powers Gym courses

To accept all requirements outlined in the above Student Character and fulfil the responsibilities outlined below:

  • To accept and be bound by any credit or payment arrangement that has been entered into by Body Powers Gym and that particular student and that they take full responsibility for any debts.
  • Students will not receive their certificate of attainment until all outstanding fees are paid in full and all assigned assessment is complete
  • When paying by cheque Body Powers Gym has the right to hold onto any certificate until payment has been clear.
  • To authorise and consent to the video surveillance of students, as they will be under video surveillance during the course and that if required the information gathered may be used by an authorised agent.
  • To accept and understand that any student caught cheating or of unsuitable character will have a report submitted to Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia
  • If a student does not adhere to these responsibilities and obligations, they may be asked to leave the Body Powers Gym course, and termination of their participation in a course of training will be effective immediately.

Feedback and Complaints Handling Procedure

We welcome feedback and attend to all complaints and inquiries promptly.

Collecting Personal Information

We collect personal information submitted by you to manage and deliver your course. We do not disclose personal information for any other purpose.

I hereby declare that I have read and fully understood Body Powers Gym – STUDENT CHARACTER / RIGHTS / RESPONSIBILITIES / OBLIGATIONS and I agree to be bound by the requirements.


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